We just started our blog!

It’s official, we have decided to write a blog!

Both of us regularly read blogs on travel when we are trying to plan a trip, as we think you get the best insight from a person’s personal experience. Other people’s blogs have given us all those little tip bits that really make a trip that much better. They also give a more evocative view of the trip that the blogger is writing about. This is possible because you aren’t just limited to a comments or review box (not saying that sites like trip adviser aren’t immensely helpful). You can build a story around the experience and give incredibly useful information to the reader/traveler.

We wanted to do the same to help others in their planning. We also wanted to do something a little more too. We wanted to talk about our entire moving experience as well. For both of us, the move and the trip brings us separate challenges and new experiences that we want to share and remember in the years to come. We want to write this blog more like a journal with with hopefully some useful advice for others who are also, 1 thinking of moving to Melbourne, and 2 doing some travel through South America. It will also let our friends and family come along for the ride.

So we hope you find our blog interesting and you enjoy our journey with us!

Rikki and Kumu

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