It’s all about the money!

Warning, I’m going to talk about the adult subject of money. One of the parts about us travelling that gave us a bit of worry (I say worry… we thought about it and then carried on with planning anyway) was the money element. Its the boring side of the trip that will always influence what you decide to do. It will dictate how long you can travel for, not only because you will be on a budget, but of course you will have to go back to work at some point to earn the wonga again. I’ll no doubt write a few posts about how it feels to be giving up work for 9 months and of course how i’m feeling about going back to work in Melbourne. It also limits you to maybe not being able to go and see everything you want to, which is such a shame, but on the other hand if money was no object and I was always able to go and see everything I wanted, then I probably wouldn’t appreciate it as much.

One thing I am struggling to find online is a variety of straightforward costs that others have had on their travels – being a lazy researcher right there! I’m trying to find it so I can put it into my geeky little spreadsheet and see if my original estimate was close. What I really want is to be able to find a nice long options list with it all their for me to pick and choose. Yes there are travel agents for this, but then you also don’t get all the fun of researching it all. If I had this list I could easily see what we can afford and fit in, but that is me just being a bit ridiculous to be honest.  ‘Cake’ and ‘eat it’ come to mind…. This video on YouTube also comes to mind each time I think about cake!

So now I’ve actually started looking properly (Kumu is much better at this part than me as well, so I am learning here too). Our map has been a handy tool in helping me track where I need to be tracking along to when researching what we need to do, how far, what transport we might need, and ultimately helping me understand how much it will cost.

So, what I want to do after the travel is to put together a bit more of a detailed cost list, so others can get an idea of the detail. I will keep you posted on how much things are costing, or if I find anything that really surprised me from what i originally thought, I’ll do a post on that specifically.

CaYf – Rikki


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